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A phtograph of a stand of trees in the forest. They are covered in leaves and fill the frame

'"I don't care what's in my trashcan, you can't go shooting things! I have neighbors."
"Fine, a bow and arrow?"
Sighing, Josefina grabbed a baseball bat off a shelf, and waved it under Ashlee's pert nose. "Fine, I'll go out all alone, in the dark, to face down the bear in your trashcan."
"The neighbors are convinced it's some kind of Yonder-folk. Be careful."
"Whatever. And I will, I didn't know you cared that much."
"No, I mean be careful. That was my Daddy's collector bat. It's worth a fortune"'
- excerpt, 'What a Load of Garbage' 


'"If she was so angry with your grandfather, why did she name the baby after him?"

Casey shook his head. "She didn't."

 Robert sat back a little, confused. "But he's a Junior."

"Naw, his name is Junior. He's named after the brother that helped Granddaddy straighten up. Great-Uncle Junior."

"That's, not. Is that usually how that works?" Robert said hesitantly. 

 Casey grinned, enjoying his confusion.'

 - excerpt, Un-named 'Up in the Holler' WIP

Tilden thought it sounded wonderful; far from the racket of her debutante lifestyle, and her mother's high, feminine expectations. Living out in the woods, just the two of them, making their own lives and raising their family the way they wanted. It sounded like just what she needed, to completely drive her mother insane.

- excerpt, 'A Polite Disagreement'

Hey y'all! I'm Stacy, and I invite you into my little world of Stonebridge County, surrounded by the Crooked Path Mountain Range, and specifically, Old Yonder Mountain. It may be small and rural, but there is a lot going on here! All my stories posted here are from my "Up in the Holler" collection. I'm working on publishing a series of books as well, but I'm still learning about long-format, and the publishing industry. I'll definitely keep you posted!


Personally, I'm a city girl, but living with a mountain-born husband has reminded me of things my own ancestors had forgotten. Over the years I've learned just how beautiful the mountains really are, and have been constantly blown away by the generous souls that live there.


'Welcome to Stonebridge County' has more about what's so special about this place, and it's inhabitants. Hope it will cast its spell over you, as well!

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