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A view of the Blue Ridge Moutains, framed by an old tree, a rock, and plants

Stories from Peggy's Pinch
(and beyond)

All stories from Stonebridge County are part of the 'Up in the Holler' Collection. For now, there will be a monthly free story added. Some will be exclusive to this website, others may have been previously published (they will be credited to the mag or site). 

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The Inside Scoop on what's 'Up in the Holler'

Welcome to the mountains of Stonebridge County! It's pretty peaceful here—no vampires or werewolves. There's no blood, guts, or beheadings. The scariest things here are Peggy, haunting her mountainside grave, and the sudden realization that the Yonder Folk are cooking up some mischief in the back garden (yikes).

What we do have is a lot of mystical nonsense, and locals with an 'affinity' (a knack) for certain things. Some have an affinity for dealing with animals: dogs, horses, birds, even snakes, bees, and plants. Some can always get you where you're going, or find you when you're lost. Others have a less practical affinity: chatting with spirits, or being able to touch even the coldest heart. If something seems to come especially naturally to someone, that's most likely their affinity.

There are an awful lot of characters in Stonebridge County, and everyone has a story to tell. The elderly lady with her cigars down the road. The hillbilly up the holler. The transplants from the city that don't know how Anything works. Romances of all flavors (ALL flavors), getting along with the neighbors (human and not), the girl next door that's Much more than she appears, and is that a bear in the backyard, or a holler beast? Stonebridge County is the perfect place to grab a glass of sweet tea, pull up a rocking chair, and watch the traffic roll by on Rt 276. You never know who you'll see next!

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